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Green Goddess

Green Goddess


My pots are made in Wales making each one unique, no two exactly the same. I then lovingly make the candles in my little kitchen using plant based wax, which is biodegradable and vegan. My custom made refills are made using sustainable fragrances and essential oils.

  • Date night - Black Orchid OOS until Winter

    Top notes: Ylang Ylang - Bergamot - Truffle


    Heart notes : Orchid - Lotus Wood


    Base notes : Vanilla - Vetiver - Sandalwood - Dark Chocolate


    This luxurious fragrance has a heart of orchid and lotus wood. With top notes of ylang, bergamot and truffle and base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver. This is a well known fragrance dupe.

  • Pobbles - Paradise Beach

    Top notes : bergamot ozonic

    Heart notes: lily fresh ocean air

    Base notes : Sweet vanilla powdered musk coconut

    Whisk yourself away to a cosy beach with a combination of fresh bergamot, orange and rich amber with warming notes of almond and vanilla. The Seychelles of Swansea!

  • Blue pool - Rocksalt & Driftwood

    Top notes: ozone seaweed

    Heart notes: water lilly cyclamen

    Base notes : driftwood amber Patchouli musk

    A mesmerising floral, marine scent with refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in rockpools, livened by a fresh coastal breeze. Transporting you to the coast with sparkling salt crusted driftwood, warmed with amber, patchouli and musk

  • Naked

    Our Simple unfragranced refill, for those of you that don't need or want anything extra. Just the beautiful glow of a candle

  • Apricity- OOS not back till winter

    Apricity, embodied in fragrance, opens with the crisp essence of freshly picked apples, lending a cool and invigorating sensation. A delicate blend of frozen berries follows, adding a touch of sweet vibrancy reminiscent of winter's frozen embrace. Finally, the scent unfolds into the warmth of orange gourmand, creating a harmonious balance that captures the comforting essence of apricity, like the gentle caress of sunlight on a cold winter day.

  • Heddwch (Peace) - Meditation candle

  • Tawelwch (Quietness) - Mindfulness

    Our aromatherapy range focuses on Menopause, Meditation and Mindfulness and this is our Tawelwch blend, which means quietness in Welsh. Tawelwch is our mindfulness candle, a stunning blend of lavender ylang-ylang cedarwood and lemon verbena. Together they will help you feel grounded, it's soothing qualities are perfect for any time of day but particularly good for helping with sleep.

    Cedarwood (Himalayan) Essential Oil

    Cedarwood's grounding, sedative properties create feelings of safety and comfort. This makes us feel able to close our eyes without worry or fear.

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavender has been considered a calming oil for centuries and is often used in sleep-promoting products. It can be particularly useful when sleeplessness is caused by stress or anxiety.

    Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

    Lemon verbena is rich in melatonin, which is primarily released by the pineal gland at night time. It is also thought to relieve stress and tension.

    Ylang Ylang (Complete) Essential Oil

    Ylang ylang has natural soothing, sedative properties which, research has shown, make it easy for us to fall asleep.

  • Llonyddwch (Tranquility) - Menopause candle

    Our aromatherapy range focuses on Menopause, Meditation and Mindfulness and this is our Llonyddwch Blend. 

    Llonyddwch means Tranquility and this powerful blend will help you to feel calm but uplifted. Incredible for helping with anxiety and will help with your overall feeling of brightness and positivuty


    Bergamot Essential Oil

    Bergamot essential oil has been studied extensively for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety. An uplifting oil, it also increases positive feelings, delivering a little brightness.

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavender essential oil is a calming and relaxing natural remedy, traditionally used for its healing properties

    An incredibly multipurpose oil, pure lavender essential oil can also help to reduce stress and dispel low moods.

    Ylang Ylang (Complete) Essential Oil

    This delicate oil has many applications beyond its beautiful scent and is often used to soothe stress, boost confidence, and support overall health.

    Ylang ylang essential oil is said to boost immune response

  • Gwanwyn - Spring ( Citronella)

    Gwanwyn - Welsh for spring.

    Experience the calming and cleansing properties of our Gwanwyn candle. Our Citronella candle is perfect for outdoor gatherings or cozy nights in. Enjoy the warm glow and the peace of mind knowing that this fragrance is perfect for not only helping uplift your mood but it will infuse your space with a refreshing scent, it is the most cleansing fragrance and perfect for eliminating those pesky smells (can be used outside)

  • Tonnau

    Tonnau - Welsh for waves. Immerse yourself in the invigorating scent of the sea with our Tonnau candle. Let the spring aroma of the salty ocean air and crashing waves transport you to the shores of Wales

    A breezy revitalising blend of ozonic seaside air, seashells and driftwood. Top notes of Sicilian lemon, orange flesh and zesty bergamot. A heart of juniper, rosemary, tea tree and pine intermingle with a delicate floral bouquet of jasmine and geranium petals. Soft musk and white cedarwood finish off this refreshing blend.

  • Gwyn y Mor ( White Sea ) White cherry blossom

  • Rhossili - Coconut Island

  • Sage & Sea Salt

  • Spoondrift - Fresh Linen

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